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Surfactants Of Amino Acid
Aug 26, 2018

mino acid surfactants can be divided into two basic types.

The first type is mainly divided into two categories, one is N-substituted compounds, and the other is C-substituted compounds. In N-substituted compounds, the amino group is replaced by a hydrophobic group or carboxyl group, losing its alkalinity; In C-substituted compounds, the carboxyl group is replaced by an amide group or an Ester group. N-acyl amino acid surfactants are typical N-substituted compounds that are anionic surfactants. In their molecular structure, the amide bonds connect hydrophobic groups and hydrophilic groups. The amide bonds have a strong hydrogen bond binding ability and can be broken under acidic conditions, so they have good biodegradability. C-substituted compounds are esters or amides and belong to cationic surfactants.

The second type of compound has both amino and carboxyl groups in their molecular structure, as well as two types of N-substitution and C-substitution, the main species being N-alkyl amino acid surfactants. It is an amphoteric Ionic surfactant.

Among these amino acid surfactants, N-acyl amino compounds are the most studied, and are widely valued for their low toxicity and high biodegradation properties.