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Clinical Application Of Nutritional Supplements
Aug 26, 2018

At present, there are more and more clinical applications of protein powder, including preoperative and postoperative surgery, severe patients, tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, burn patients, infectious diseases, expendable diseases, and muscle decay in the elderly. Both advocate increased protein supply or a high-protein diet(except for patients with renal insufficiency and hepatic coma). These patients or elderly people on the basis of the general diet, and then take protein powder is a practical measure. At this point, it is generally recommended that this group of people use whey protein powder instead of soy protein powder. Whey protein powder has higher nutritional value and better effect, but its disadvantage is that it is not as good as the taste of soy protein powder.

Fish oil is mainly used to supplement DHA. DHA is very important for the intelligence and vision development of foetal infants and young children. It also has benefits for adult blood lipid health and immunity. If pregnant women, nursing mothers, and infants can not be guaranteed to eat fish two or three times a week(at least once in a fat-rich fish such as salmon, Cod, and tuna), it is necessary to supplement DHA because DHA is rare or absent in other foods. Fish oil(also known as deep-sea fish oil) is a cheap way to supplement DHA, and seaweed oil and fortified DHA milk powder can also be selected. In addition to these populations, there are suggestions for supplementing or attempting to supplement fish oil in guidelines / consensus for diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as hyperlipidemia, tumors, muscle degeneration in the elderly, and rheumatoid.