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What Are The Ingredients Of Cosmetics?
Sep 01, 2018

Now the shopping mall is filled with dazzling cosmetics. Some people will have to sell cosmetics, cosmetics now a wide range of brands can be seen everywhere, but what are the ingredients of cosmetics? Now let me talk about cosmetic ingredients.


Diatom mud, which is derived from diatomaceous earth. After refining. The diatom substances inside it have whitening effect, and become the natural substance that many cosmetics strive to extract.


Synthetic chemicals, although chemicals have certain whitening and other cosmetic effects, but also have certain side effects on the skin. Some even contain toxic substances in the so-called mask.


Pure natural plant ingredients, which are popular with most people, are extracted from plants to achieve cosmetic benefits without harming the skin.


Mix natural ingredients with chemicals. In any case, there are half of the good and half of the bad, but the relatively harmful substances are also contained in it. Now many cosmetics are extracted from this way. Then sell it out.


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