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Nine Skin Care Tips
Aug 12, 2018

1. Clean gently

When cleaning the skin every day, avoid excessive pulling. It is recommended to use the abdomen of the middle finger and ring finger to reduce the load on the skin.

2. Always pay attention to moisturizing

Take 2000 milliliters of water every day and bring moisturizing products with you to supplement in time to prevent dry fine lines from appearing on the skin.

3. Moderate keratin removal

According to their own skin conditions moderate exfoliation, exfoliation does not have to be carried out on the whole face, for the local can. A simple way to determine when and where to exfoliate your skin is when you feel that your skin has become rough, your pores have become obvious, and acne has emerged.

4. Eat more foods that have antioxidant effects

Such as vitamin C, E, green tea polyphenols, grape polyphenols, etc., are all antioxidant ingredients that can eat more vegetables and fruits. Because grape polyphenols are present in grape seeds, grape polyphenols can be effectively ingested if grapes are eaten into grape juice made from grape seeds and skins.

5. Avoid scratching your skin

Avoid itching, scratching, and squeezing with your fingers when your skin shows uncomfortable symptoms, especially when you have acne, because these actions can easily damage the skin's tissue structure and even leave scars.

6. Moderate massage of expression pattern

In the brows, the eyes, the corners of the mouth, such as these easy to appear in the area of expression, timely massage.

7. Always caress your face

Relieving muscle pressure helps to avoid facial expressions. The movement of stroking the skin through the hand can effectively disperse the attention of nerve conduction, thereby relaxing the muscles and avoiding the production of expression patterns.

8. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is the critical time for daily self-repair of the skin. The texture of the skin due to fatigue can be improved after sufficient sleep and rest; Sleep can also help muscles relax.

9. Do a good job of skin protection

Try to avoid skin exposure to the sun, especially when the sun is on the head to go more shade, as far as possible to choose clothing with shelter, can not use clothing to cover the time to apply sunscreen products.