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The Symptoms Of Aging
Aug 12, 2018

If you find out

1. Always use cosmetics that feel good, but now they have little effect;

2. More and more thick pores, the skin began to relax a little;

3. Skin becomes sensitive, easy to damage and slow to recover;

4. The skin color is uneven, dark yellow and dark.

5. Farrell lines became obvious and fine lines appeared in the eyes.

6. The skin roughness is aggravated, it is not easy to make up, and it is easy to take off makeup;

7. There are a few spots on your face. They're either sunburn, but they won't go away.

8. It is not easy to come back from the sun.

9. The skin is increasingly short of water.

There are more than three, congratulations you have entered the skin aging state.