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The Combination Of Chinese And Western Medicine In Treating Two Cases Of Chronic Hepatitis B Is Very Effective.
Aug 19, 2018

Both Chinese and Western medicine can be used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B/C. Western medicine has obvious advantages in anti-virus. Chinese medicine has better effect in reducing enzyme and anti-fibrosis. The two methods can be flexibly applied and cooperated with each other to achieve the best effect.

In China, the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the use of traditional Chinese medicine have a long history, and play an important role in the symptomatic treatment of various diseases. In the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, Chinese medicine also has their important place.

Two kinds of Chinese medicine reduce enzyme effect

After liver injury, the symptoms of elevated aminotransferase often occur. At this time, we can consider using Chinese herbs such as Schisandra chinensis and glycyrrhizin. At present, the extracts of the effective components of these two kinds of Chinese medicines are often used in clinic to remove the crude and extract the essence, so as to further enhance the curative effect.

Chinese medicine can resist fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Some Chinese herbs have the effects of anti fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. There are more than ten kinds of Chinese patent medicines, such as Qianggan Pills, which are commonly used in anti-fibrosis and anti-cirrhosis clinically. The advantages of Qianggan Pills are that they are convenient to take, have certain curative effects and have little side effects.

Chinese medicine has the function of removing yellow.

For example, Yin Zhi Huang is a traditional Chinese medicine which has been proved to have the effect of removing yellow after repeated tests. In addition, Xiaoyan Li Dan tablets in Chinese patent medicine also have certain effect of removing yellow.

Attention: the "poison" of TCM theory: the "virus" of Western medicine theory.

Toxicity in TCM theory mainly refers to exogenous pathogenic pathogenic qi. Although it has material properties, it is generally an abstract concept.

The "virus" in western medicine theory is a concrete microorganism that can be seen and detected, but these microorganisms are too small to be seen and detected by electron microscopy and sensitive detection methods.