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What Are The Safe Surfactants?
Jun 11, 2018

Now the surface active agents used in personal care are tested by safety, but even through various tests, some people will be worried and troubled by a variety of people. In fact, consumers are exposed to finished products rather than a single material. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose suitable cleaning products. For example, such as shampoo, shower gel and other cosmetics, a comprehensive consideration should be made from various angles, such as raw material, formula, process and packaging, so as to ensure its safety and reliability.

Alkyl glycosides. This is a non-ionic surfactant, commonly used as alkyl glucosides such as coconut oil glucoside, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside and so on. This type of surface activity is usually produced by renewable resources such as coconut oil and glucose. It has good cleanliness and low residue, and can be completely biodegradable. It is a safe, mild and environmentally friendly table.

Betaine. Betaine surface activity is a kind of amphoteric surfactant. The common betaine type surface activity on the market usually has this structure: XX amide X based betaine, such as coconut amide propyl betaine and laurel amide propyl betaine. This kind of surface activity is also very mild, the cleaning ability is not very high, and the ability of biodegradation is also very good.

Sodium amphoteric acetate. It is also a kind of amphoteric surfactant. It is commonly used in lauryl amphoteric sodium acetate and coconut oil sodium amphoteric acetate. This type of foam is good and mild in nature, and is very common in baby products.

N- acyl amino acid salts. This is an active amino acid activity, which is often referred to as an anionic surfactant, and the amino acid used is alpha amino acid. The common names are: XX X sodium / potassium / ammonium, such as sodium lauryl sodium and coconut sodium glutamate, and a special methyl coconut sulfonate sodium taurine is also placed in this category. This type of active foam is good, mild and low residue. It is a very mild activity.

Natural table live. It refers to the surface active substances extracted from some parts of animals or plants by physical or physical chemistry methods, and lecithin is commonly used. Lecithin is usually not used as a cleanser, but in clean products, adding a small amount of lecithin can make the clean skin more moist and avoid the dry cleanliness of the product.

In addition to the surfactants listed above, there are a number of mild surface active options, such as sodium coconut sodium amino propionate, nonionic polyglycerol fatty acids, and sorbitol fatty acids, and sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate in anionic surface activity.