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Cause Of Aging
Jun 11, 2018

Aging is a direct manifestation of the slow function of human body. It is also a natural process. The causes of aging are mainly in the following aspects:


The harm of excessive oxidation of human body accelerates aging, disease, and death; causes the rapid growth of the tumor; causes inflammation and autoimmune reaction to destroy the health of the body; produces pigments precipitation, color spots appear.

Cell life

Cell gap is filled with metabolic waste, and cell aging can also lead to cell aging. Cell mutation and chromosome aberration also induce senescence. The common causes include ionizing radiation, radiation damage, and so on.

Failure of the whole body

Mental attack makes people suddenly aging, indicating that the central nervous system has a huge impact on aging. Some people will soon go quietly after their wife dies, which is a typical example of aging affected by the central nervous system.

Protein aging

The possible ways are: protein synthesis is wrong, nuclear protein is aging, abnormal gene leads to protein synthesis obstacle, and thus leads to the aging of life.

Endocrine dysfunction

Some scholars believe that the decline of gonad, thyroid gland, adrenal gland and pituitary gland can induce rapid aging of human body. For example, patients with thyroid diseases are prone to premature aging.  Moreover, the idea of increasing aging caused by thymus atrophy has attracted more and more attention from experts and scholars.

Microcirculation disorder

Because of the deposition of a large amount of metabolic waste and the adhesion of pathological metabolic wastes, many microvascular systems have been destroyed, which lead to the stenosis and even closure of the vascular lumen, resulting in the obstruction of microcirculation and circulation and the restriction of the exchange of life metabolism, resulting in the aging of the cells.

Hormone deletion

Hormones play a regulatory role in the body's metabolism, internal environment, coordination, growth and development, reproduction, etc. Hormones maintain the normal functioning of human physiological functions. If hormone imbalance occurs, the physiological function will decline, aging and various maladaptive symptoms. For example: irritability, emotional ups and downs, insomnia, memory loss, pain, wrinkles, stains and so on. The loss of hormones and the pain of physiology accelerate the aging of human body. In addition, autologous poisoning and malnutrition can lead to aging.