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Efficacy And Function Of Gamma Oryzanol
Sep 15, 2018

1, improve sleep

Gamma Oryzanol has a certain regulatory effect on insomnia and neurasthenia.

2, regulate menopausal syndrome

Gamma Oryzanol is also often used as an auxiliary treatment for menopause syndrome, which has a good effect on menopausal insomnia and worry.

3, improve hyperlipidemia

Gamma Oryzanol inhibits cholesterol synthesis

4, anti-arrhythmias

It can reduce myocardial excitability by regulating plant nerve function. Guweisu's lipid-lowering effect can also improve the blood supply to the myocardium and play a role in improving sleep. Old friends are easy to wake up at night, and Guweisu's effect is better.

5, improve skin

Gamma Oryzanol is known as "beauty hormone" because it can reduce the brittleness of capillaries, improve the function of skin microvascular circulation, treat menopausal dermatosis, female facial desquamate eczema, and head furrashes.