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Fish Scale Collagen Powder
Sep 15, 2018

The unique moisturizing properties of fish scales collagen powder make skin moist, smooth and elastic. The outside can prevent sunlight from harming the skin, and the inside can prevent the free radicals from destroying the skin. Often used fish scales collagen powder can enhance beauty, significantly reduce wrinkles, old people, dark spots and so on. This product is rich in nutrition and easy to preserve. It can be widely used in various nutritional health foods and high-end cosmetics.


Fish collagen powder(fish scale collagen powder, fish scale collagen) is the company's use of high-quality fish scales as raw materials, processed by modern biotechnology into a novel nutritional food raw material. This product is pure fish scale collagen powder, retaining all nutrients in the original scale fish without any additives.


Collagen is the most important component of the extracellular matrix. It maintains the morphology and structure of the skin and tissues and organs. It is an important raw material for repairing damaged tissues, and it is also a substance that keeps the body young and prevents aging. Pigs hoof, cow hoof tendons and other rich collagen molecular weight, should not be absorbed by the human body. Collagen is decomposed by biological enzymes and has a molecular weight of about 3,000. Its peptide chain length is about 30-50 nm and is most easily absorbed by the human body. Long-term use can also prevent diseases, improve physical fitness, and promote bone development. It is very helpful for beauty and health.