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What Is Antibacterial Agent?
Sep 02, 2018

Antimicrobial agents refer to a class of agents used to control plant diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms. A drug that kills or inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms without interfering with the normal growth of plants. Fungicides can be classified according to the way of action, source and chemical composition of raw materials. Internationally, it is usually used as a general agent for the prevention and treatment of all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms. With the development of fungicides, bacteria killing agents, virus killing agents and algicide agents have been isolated. It is reported that there are more than 80,000 species of pathogenic microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, Rickettsia, mycoplasma, viruses, algae, etc.) harmful to plants in the world. Plant diseases cause enormous losses to agriculture, resulting in an average annual reduction of about 5 million tons of crops worldwide. Many times in history, serious famine has been caused by the epidemic of certain plant diseases. The use of fungicides is an economical and effective way to control plant diseases. Fungicides except agricultural antibiotics belong to biological fungicides, the main varieties are chemical synthetic fungicides.

Antimicrobial agents are widely used in plastics, with an annual growth rate of about 3.5% 1 4%. North America is the region that uses the most antimicrobials (including biological inhibitors), accounting for 40% of the world's total dosage, followed by Japan, accounting for 20%. The largest per capita use of antimicrobials in Japan is far greater than that in North America and Europe. Because of the rigorous registration procedures and high cost of new antimicrobial agents, many additive suppliers focus on the development of new applications of existing varieties.

As for organic antimicrobial agents, Adeka Cobra introduced Royal Guard BC 250 for polyolefins, and Ciba refined Royal Guard BC 250 for anti-algae agents, which can be used for LDPE, HDPE, PP, polyurethane vinegar, polymethacrylic acid (PMMA), PVC and other plastic products.

In inorganic antibacterial agents, silver or zinc systems are the most widely used systems. Silver antibacterial agent Irgagu B series produced by Ciba Refining is especially suitable for transparent products, such as PET, etc. The active ingredients in antibacterial masterbatch Polybatch Abact produced by Schullnan Company can withstand high temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius, which can be used in film, injection and blow molding products.

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