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Cosmetic Ingredients For Pregnant Women
Sep 01, 2018

Cosmetic ingredients for pregnant women

Autumn rainy season rainy, cool weather, many pregnant women's skin began to appear corresponding problems, fall skin care has become particularly important. In the fall, for pregnant mothers who love beauty, the most important thing is what kind of skin care products pregnant women can use. How to choose suitable skin care products in autumn? Pregnant mothers have to work hard here.

What skin care products can pregnant women use?


Skin care products without harmful ingredients

Pregnant women use skin care products.

It is best to choose skincare products without alcohol, dyes, mineral oils, hormones, heavy metals, vaseline, propylene glycol, isopropanol, paraffin and other chemicals that may cause skin sensitivity or fetal risk in pregnant women. In addition, the common skin care products used before pregnancy and some skin care products with whitening, acne, freckle are not suitable for pregnant women to use, but should use special basic skin care products for pregnant women. In short, when pregnant women choose skin care products, the simpler the ingredients, the better, the more ingredients added, the more attention should be paid to the role of its ingredients.


Moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products

Skin care products have a variety of functions, such as whitening, anti-aging, etc., but the more functions, usually means the more complex the ingredients, is not suitable for pregnant women to use. During pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women is sensitive, and the simpler the ingredients used, the better. So when choosing skin care products,

Skin care products with basic functions such as moisturizing and moisturizing of hexagonal water should be preferred because they are usually simple, mild and safe.

The benefits of skin care products for pregnant women


Many pregnant women worry about the chemical composition of skin care products on the fetus, a pregnancy on the usual favorite skin care products are collected, they usually do not need skin care products. But the nature of women who love beauty, many mothers are asking: can pregnant women use skin care products? In fact, as long as the ingredients of skin care products are safe, pregnant women can still use skin care products.

During pregnancy, the hormones in the body of pregnant women change, the secretion of oil also become exuberant, rely solely on clear water to remove the greasy feeling on the face of the body. Mothers-to-be who are pregnant in autumn and winter are prone to skin tightening and drying in autumn and winter, and skin cracks are more likely to occur if skincare products are not used. Spring and summer pregnant expectant mothers are not happy, spring and summer rains and high temperature, coupled with the exuberant secretion of pregnant women, it is easy to feel sticky, very uncomfortable. The appropriate skin care products can help pregnant women to get through their pregnancy physiologically and psychologically.


Massage can speed up skin absorption. Pregnant mothers can use pregnant women's skin care products with a gentle massage, so that the old cutin can easily fall off, so that the nutritional ingredients of skin care products into the deep muscular bottom. Pregnant mothers can gently press and massage according to acupoints and lymphatic distribution points to relieve pressure on the skin and promote facial metabolism.


Heating can improve the absorption of skin. Temperature rise can increase blood circulation in the microvasculature and facilitate the transport of more nutrients to the deep skin. Pregnant mothers can use hot water, steam and other ways to slightly increase the skin temperature, more convenient for skin absorption, especially in autumn and winter, warming will make skin care products more effective.

hot tip

In short, the use of skin care products for pregnant women to be safe and harmless as the first condition, do not use improper skin care products caused by their own discomfort, or even adversely affect fetal development.

Pregnant women can use skin care products not only to consider safety, absorbability is also indispensable, pregnant mothers in the choice of skin care products during pregnancy, should pay attention to comprehensive consideration, choose the product suitable for their own use.


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