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Type Of Moisturizer
Jun 11, 2018

According to the mechanism of moisturizing agents, we can divide moisturizers into oily and hydrophilic substances. In the actual life application, if only one kind of moisturizer is used, the moisturizing effect is not significant. Therefore, it is necessary to use a variety of moisturizing agents to achieve the moisturizing effect by sealing moisture, moisturizing and hygroscopic methods. Oily substances: oily substances can achieve moisturizing effect, and through the lower layer of tissue, the stratum corneum can get moisture. Oily substances can lock moisture, reduce or set the moisture loss of the stratum corneum, and ultimately reduce the evaporation of moisture in the skin. The oily substance can be rubbed on the skin to form a continuous oil film. Typical oil substances include Vaseline, lanolin and eighteen alcohol.

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