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Explore The Future Of Nutrition And Health Food Industry
Aug 19, 2018

The Vitafoods Asia is an important regional learning event that will focus on the latest research on functional diets and drinks, the development and application of nutritional and health products, and the marketing, brand promotion and regulation of such enhanced products.

On July 16, 2018, the Singapore-Asia International Nutrition and Health Food Fair (Vitafoods Asia) will be held in Singapore from September 11 to 12, 2018. It will provide a resource-rich learning environment for visitors to explore the product positioning, brand promotion and marketing of nutritional health products from product development to use, as well as how to overcome regulatory challenges in different markets.

By 2050, health care expenditure in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to double, providing a great opportunity for alternative therapies and enhanced food markets. Across Asia, especially in China and India, rising disposable incomes, coupled with an ageing population, are affecting the prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or heart disease. In addition, busy work and life, uneven nutrition, high medical costs and so on are inevitable problems. In the future, joint health, intestinal health, bone health and weight management will be the main drivers of people's health needs.

Functional food

The Asia Pacific region is currently the largest consumer market for dietary supplements and vitamins. Malaysia and India, for example, are struggling to cope with the dietary impact of rapid urbanization, and demand for such functional health foods is increasing.

In addition to products developed in Western countries, most of the products purchased by consumers in the region contain locally derived compounds and functional ingredients, such as probiotics, fibers, calcium or vitamin E; there are also herbs such as Dongge Ali and ginseng; and fermented milk drinks, probiotic yogurt, and fiber-rich cereals. There are also Omega - 3 enhanced eggs.

The key suppliers of ingredients and raw materials used in these functional foods were shown at the Asian International Nutrition and Health Food Fair. In addition, the exhibitors can also find the relevant resources of contract manufacturers and private labels, as well as the manufacturer of finished products.

Functional beverage

To boost energy, reduce calorie consumption and hydrates with performance additives, athletes and fitness enthusiasts in countries such as China and India are using functional drinks to meet nutritional needs. Energy drinks, sports drinks and nutritional drinks are the fastest growing part of the market for functional beverages. Functional beverages have become the latest way to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and control blood sugar levels because they deliver minerals or herbal ingredients efficiently to the body.

Beverage ingredients include vitamins, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. Amino acids are used to slow fatigue, and vitamins are used as additives to promote metabolism and produce energy in functional drinks. Prebiotics and probiotics are used to ensure the normal functioning of the digestive system. Another ingredient, Omega-3, is expected to grow in the functional beverage market because it effectively controls inflammation. At the Asia International Nutrition and Health Food Fair, we set up a dedicated Omega-3 Resource Centre where visitors can learn about the latest innovative ideas and product development plans.

Manufacturers in this segment are developing the latest tastes and attracting consumers with safe, tasty and affordable drinks. The main functional beverage manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region will be presented at this exhibition.