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What are medicinal intermediates
Jun 11, 2018

Medicine is a kind of substance that has been accumulated in the course of struggle against diseases and has the function of prevention, treatment and diagnosis for diseases. At present, most of the drugs used in clinical practice are chemical drugs.

According to sources, chemical drugs can be divided into three categories: inorganic drugs, synthetic drugs and natural medicines.

Inorganic drugs are mainly processed by the processing of minerals

Synthetic drugs are synthesized from diced raw materials

Natural medicines are active ingredients from animals and plants or chemical substances produced by microorganisms.

Drug intermediates are synthesized by chemical agents. Between the original cheaper chemical reagents and the drugs made, the chemicals are further than the raw materials, and those chemicals that are a step worse than the finished products are generally unable to be made, but they can generally be sold separately, and the price will be higher than that of the raw materials. There are commonly used intermediates for antibiotic drugs, intermediates for cardiovascular system drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates for anticancer drugs, etc.