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The development prospect of Chinese api
Jun 11, 2018

First, the global drug market is expected to maintain more than 8% growth in 2014, the emerging pharmaceutical market is likely to maintain a greater growth rate, and the international and domestic market demand for API will continue to grow.

Secondly, many Chinese api varieties have a high market share in the international market, and the scale advantage is obvious. Other countries cannot replace them in the short term.

Third, despite the impact of multiple factors, the prices of Chinese raw materials have risen considerably, but these rise factors are rigid. In 2013, it is impossible to reduce the total amount of China's raw materials. From the import of raw materials in 2012, the average price has risen by 28.21%. In the case of the global price of raw materials, the comparative advantage of the price of Chinese api still exists.

Fourth, China's enterprises will expand the export space of Chinese raw materials by avoiding the homogenization of competition, developing the special material medicine, aiming at the advanced market certification and improving the quality of the export products by many enterprises aiming at the developed countries' market.

Fifth, the continuous introduction and implementation of the policy of encouraging the export of the country will also play an important role in promoting the growth of the export of API.