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The compound of preservatives
Jun 11, 2018

Generally speaking, a certain type of preservative is only killing or inhibiting a particular colony, so it is necessary to study the compound of preservative in the cosmetic formula for the following consideration.

1) broadening the antimicrobial spectrum: some preservatives are good for some microbes but not good for others, while the other preservatives are just the opposite. With the combination of them, the aim of broad-spectrum antibacterial control can be achieved.

2) improve the efficacy: the two kinds of antiseptic agents share different bactericidal mechanisms. The effect is often not a simple superposition, but a multiplicative effect. Usually, it still keeps enough bactericidal effect in the case of reducing the amount of use.

3) anti two pollution: some preservatives have good killing effect on mycophenolate microbes, but the residual effect period is limited, but the other kind of preservatives have little effect, but the inhibition effect is significant. Both of them can not only guarantee the quality of storage and shelf life, but also prevent the heavy pollution in the process of use.

4) improve safety: a single use of preservative, sometimes to achieve the effect of anticorrosion, the amount needs to exceed the prescribed allowable amount, if a variety of preservatives in the allowable mix, not only to achieve the prevention and control purposes, but also ensure the safety of the product.

5) prophylaxis of drug resistance: if a microorganism is resistant to a preservative, it will be much more difficult to produce resistance to more than two preservatives at the same time.