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New technologies and new materials for cosmetics in the 21st century
Jun 27, 2018

The beauty cosmetics industry in the 20th century has made great progress in making people look gorgeous and appealing, but relatively low in scientific and technological content, most of the raw materials used are chemicals. Chemical substances have its limitations, and its greatest disadvantage is that it can have serious toxic and side effects and cause allergic reactions. The 21st century is growing by leaps and bounds of science and technology with each passing day, have a qualitative leap in the new century, hairdressing cosmetic science in the 21st century new technology and new material will happen what kind of revolutionary change and progress?

There are four new technologies for cosmetics in the 21st century: bioengineering, nanotechnology, space engineering and natural plant extraction. The new materials used also have four aspects: genetic materials, Marine materials, green materials and microbial materials. Due to the wide coverage and limited space, only a few in-depth, simple, concise introduction.

New and high technology of cosmetic products in the 21st century

1.1 biotechnology 

Biological raw materials characterized by biotechnology have become an important technology in the cosmetic industry. Bioengineering also includes genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, biochemical engineering and transgenic engineering.

Why can infantile skin water spirit, infantile, white, bright luster, full of flexibility? Because infant skin contains a large number of epidermal growth factor (EGF), it is a polypeptide composed of 53 amino acids, which has a strong effect on cell division and reproduction. EGF as raw material of cosmetics (ingredients) has a variety of functions of making skin glossy, moist, soft, anti-wrinkle, freckle removing and whitening. So the cosmetics industry calls it a beauty factor. The concentration of EGF added to cosmetic products is very low, only 1ppm. What are the bioengineering factors similar to EGF? They have interleukin 1-12 (IL - 1-12), interferon (INF), tumor necrosis factor (TNF), granular cell macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM CSF), granular cell colony stimulating factor (G CSF), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), acidic fibroblast growth factor (alpha FGF), gene/RGO melanoma growth stimulating factor (RGO/MGSA) and insulin growth factor (IGF), cutin cell growth factor (KGF), nerve growth factor (NGF plays), platelet origin growth factor (PDGF ), alpha - q -TGF, beta - q -TGF, etc. Each biological genetic engineering has its immensely powerful functions and features, if one by one to develop them used in hairdressing cosmetic industry will bring a great revolutionary progress and leap.

1.2 nanometer technology

Nanometer (nm) is a measurement unit, one nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nanometer is one in 50,000 of a hair. Nanotechnology refers to technology within the range of 0.1-100nm. If the cosmetic ingredients are crushed to the nanometer scale, it can increase the absorption rate of the skin and the skin's utilization rate of the ingredients. China nano-biology research center has been born in hunan university.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the most widely used sunscreen in the cosmetic industry. If you crush it into nanometer ultrafine titanium dioxide, it's not white, it's transparent. Match it with sunscreen cosmetics, it can scatter already, can absorb ultraviolet ray, have higher prevent bask in an effect; And it doesn't irritate the skin because it's transparent and can be made into transparent sunscreen.

Most spot cosmetic effect is very poor, the reason is the type of leather or hybrid chloasma not on the epidermis melanin, but in the dermis and shallow, general spot cream reach derma and treatment is invalid. If glabridin, the freckle material extracted from glycyrrhiza uralensis, is crushed to the nanometer level, the freckle cosmetics made by glabridin may penetrate into the dermal shallow layer to achieve the effect of freckle removal. It has become a reality and possibility to solve the problem of chloasma old age with this new and high technology.

Vitamin E(Vit E), or tocopherol, has the effect of delaying senescence. For external use on the skin it does not work through the skin, if adopt nanotechnology to VE wrapped, as a carrier, bring it into the skin, using by epidermal cells, its tender skin, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging function can multiply, really have twice the result with half the effort.

1.3 universe technology

On October 4, 1957, the Soviet union launched the first man-made earth satellite. The field of human activity expanded from earth, sea and atmosphere to the fourth field, space. Space microgravity, sterile, clean, strong radiation, high vacuum, the characteristics of it is the most ideal human development, the development is the new material, it can develop high quality raw materials, to achieve the effect of high output and high efficiency. People need to develop the interferon, for example, on the earth from the hundreds of mixture produced by bacteria living cells to separate, extract high purity of interferon, due to the influence of gravity are extremely hard, yield, quality is no guarantee. If the space microgravity environment is easy to isolate and extract high - purity, large amounts of interferon. Interferon, which has been extracted from earth for 20 years, can be done in space in a month. Extraction of various bioengineering factors under space conditions can also achieve very pure effects, and obtain a large amount of them, which is very promising in this respect.

1. 4. Natural plant extract technology

Over the past 5,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has been boiled in a large pot. The soup looks dark and tastes bitter. It's really unscientific. Now in the 21st century, advanced technology is being used to extract active ingredients from natural plants. China's natural plant extraction base (wuhu, anhui), large capacity supercritical co2 fluid was used to extract effective components from natural plants. It can be separated and purified, analyzed, developed and developed. Nanotechnology can also be used to extract active ingredients from natural plants. It is an ideal way to prevent adverse reactions and return to nature to make cosmetics with natural plant extraction and purification technology. Foreign countries have made great achievements in this field, and a large number of products have been listed in the development of natural plant materials cosmetics.

1.4.1 allium cepa extract

Onion extract from the onion has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects and can promote wound healing. Onion extracts also have a function of inhibiting fibroblast proliferation. It can be used to treat scars, the archenemy of medical beauty. If a combination of allantoin and hyaluronic acid were added to the formula, the effect would be even better and it is now on sale.

1.4.2 capsaicin

People love hot red peppers. It has at least two ingredients that can be extracted, purified and used as the raw material for cosmetics, both visually and in taste. Its fiery natural plant pigment is made into lipstick. Its color is bright red, bright and sexy. Capsaicin is applied to fat skin, add massage, it can consume substance P (+- peptide) and can burn fat, achieve the effect that reduce weight.

1.4.3 red sorghum - dyed black

China is about to enter an aging country, and Beijing has entered an aging society. Now paraphenylenediamine is used as the material for dyeing white hair in China. It is both a strong sensitizer and a carcinogen. After dyeing hair with p-phenylenediamine, serious hair color dermatitis will occur, and the patient will be "in a mess", very painful. Foreign countries also believe that the use of p-phenylenediamine hair dye, the elderly cancer patients than the elderly who do not use p-phenylenediamine hair color incidence is higher. Also recently reported the news: "coloring allergy, doctor help" - a fujian women in salon hair dye, sudden chest tightness, asthma, then dottiness, whole body purple purple, incontinence, and through the doctor treatment to stay alive. Therefore, consumers are eager to develop a good, non-toxic permanent black dye. Jilin university has developed a natural blackening agent. They extracted the pigment from the red sorghum and chelated metal ions. When dyeing hair, it can be firmly attached to the hair and then enter the hair pulp for a permanent dyeing effect. Hair color good, non-toxic side effects. Such product development not only benefits the people, but also has great economic benefits. If it enters the international market, it will create great wealth.

2.1 Gene ingredients

The 21st century is called the century of life science or genetic science. The recombinant insulin developed in the 1980s is a representative of the epochal development of genetic drugs. The raw material of genetic engineering research is called genetic material. Genetic material is the most promising and mature application field in gene technology and gene research. Insulin, interferon, interleukines and cytokines that we use in medicine are mostly genetic drugs. Mentioned above EGF (shenzhen gold for biotech companies have produced EGF spray) and the most in the field of beauty cosmetics is already known as interleukin (interleukin), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) belong to the beauty genes or beauty factors. Recently people on growth hormone (human growth hormone, HGH) is also very interested in, it can promote human metabolism, tall, healthy, use in cosmetics on the skin tender, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging effect. Although it is a hormone, because it contains very little in the pituitary gland, it also needs to be produced and obtained in large quantities using genetic techniques.

2.2 ocean ingredients

The oceans make up 70 percent of the earth's area, and the oceans are the largest habitat for life. More than 3,000 species of bioactive substances have been extracted from the ocean, which is an endless treasure trove of cosmetic ingredients.

2.2.1 chitin and chitosan

Chitin is a kind of natural high molecular compound extracted from crab, octopus and other crustaceans in the sea. Its chemical structure is (1,4) -2-acetylamino-2-deoxygenated -d-glucan. Chitosan is produced by adding concentrated alkali to heat and deacetylation of chitin, and its chemical structure is (1,4) -pruning-2 aminos-oxy-d-glucan. Although they extracted from waste (about 100 billion tons per year), but it is in the chemical, environmental protection, medicine, food, agricultural, biological, textile and light industry fields are very big, so the scientists predicted that the 21st century is the century of chitin. Its structure, like cellulose in particular, is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Put it in a capsule and eat it. When the cellulose in the intestine expands, it can absorb 12 times its volume of fat. That is to say, eat in from the mouth and excrete from the stool. This way, you can eat a lot of meat without any scruple, not only not fat but also lose weight, it is an easy way to lose weight. The goods produced by American Absorbital company, brand name Minus Fat. Use them as the raw material to make beauty cosmetics. After film formation, they have good air permeability and excellent water absorption, so they are both moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. If it is combined with cream, good moisturizing effects can be used to treat watery (dry) skin diseases. Emulsion prepared with it into a spray, commodity called skin wall (skin tect), has said the recessive skin (i.e., recessive gloves) (second skin), to contact with acid, alkali, soap and detergent, spray a layer of spray emulsion hands before operation, wash, rinse after operations such as just finished, have a good protection effect.

2.3 green ingredients

In addition to the toxic side effects, chemical materials also seriously pollute the environment and damage land and water. Green raw materials are far away from chemical raw materials and use natural raw materials, which have good effects, non-toxic side effects and will not pollute the environment. Hippophea rhamnoides (Hippophea rhamnoides), commonly known as acid-thorn, is a genus of elaeagnus, deciduous shrub or arbor, and dioecious. China is a large country of sea-buckthorn in the world, which is widely distributed all over the country. Sea-buckthorn tree, root, leaf, fruit, the whole body is treasure. It contains far more Vc than the "king of Vc" aptly named monkey peach, but also contains a lot of amino acids, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, a lot of carotenoids, lutein and so on. Sea-buckthorn oil also contains more than 60% palmitoleic acid and palm-oil linolenic acid, which can eliminate free radicals on cell membranes and prevent lipid peroxidation. The effective ingredients of sea-buckthorn added to cosmetics have the effect of tender skin, whitening, wrinkle removal and anti-aging. It's a typical green ingredient.

China is a large corn producer, and phytoglycogen can be extracted from corn. It has a good moisturizing effect on the skin, it is creamy white, very beautiful, beautiful, and not greasy.

2.4 microbial ingredients

Microbes are also a huge world. Microbes do have a bad side for people, but they also have a good side for people. In the 1940 s the penicillin has been found, for example, it is a revolutionary new product, it is from penicillium, oral is good for people, external use useful microorganisms for people belong to micro ecological health care products and cosmetics, household products, such as oral double gaps coli is a few years ago have micro ecological cosmetic listed in the treatment of chloasma. If from the enormous microbial extraction of effective cosmetics raw materials from a rich source. A new cosmetic complex, the unigucan g-51, is extracted from the cell wall of saccharomyces cerevisiae (1,3) from the saccharomyces cerevisiae (saccharomyces cerevisiae). Yeast cell walls make up 20% of cells. Bacteria are so small, but it breed very fast, the biological engineering technology is adopted to extract the glucan primarily uniglucan G - 51 in beige paste, which contains 10% yeast polysaccharide, it has a fresh, reason need not add preservatives. The cosmetics have anti-allergy, skin-beautifying, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing and other functions, which can be integrated in emulsions, water and gels and are widely used. Although the high-tech, new materials to join in the cosmetics, endowed with higher value products, but must not call it drugs or herbal cosmetics cosmetics, because drugs is, cosmetics is. The name of pharmaceutical cosmetics was abolished by the state. In 1990, the "regulations on the supervision of cosmetics hygiene" abolished the name of pharmaceutical cosmetics and replaced it with special-purpose cosmetics. Drugs are used when they are ill and not when they are not. Cosmetics are cosmetic, cosmetics are used every day, and sometimes several times a day. The drug has to pass the strict approval of the us FDA and China's SDA and has to be verified by a large number of clinical cases. Cosmetics are not as heavily approved as life-threatening drugs, nor as easily approved as many cases. If cosmetics and drugs are equated, this is a conceptual mistake in the scientific field, which is never advisable.