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Humectant application and development
Jun 11, 2018

With the general improvement of national living standards and the continuous development of biotechnology, therapeutic and functional cosmetics have been released according to demand. The application and development of moisturizers can be seen from the following aspects. 1. Refreshing and good skin moisturizer, because glycerin has poor skin feeling and strong viscosity, people are more close to using moisturizing and refreshing moisturizing products. Such products are also popular with more and more consumers, because they cater to people's consumption psychology. Natural moisturizing agents, environmental protection, natural and green are advocated by people in modern society. Cosmetics are no exception. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, natural moisturizing agents are widely recognized and favored by people. Green natural moisturizer helps the skin to absorb, to the maximum extent to reduce its skin irritation, raw materials from natural resources and animal and plant extraction, which is widely sought after. (3) moisturizing performance and special functions, moisturizer with its basic function - moisturizing, in order to create more benefits, to provide better service for people's life, moisturizers should also have the efficacy of wrinkle and tender skin, extract protein and amino acids from the plants, and reduce the composition of cosmetics at the same time. It can also provide nutrition additives for hair care and skin care products.

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